Promotional Dragon® Medical One Monthly Subscription

Promotional Dragon® Medical One Monthly Subscription

We would like to thank you for purchasing one of the following versions of software, Dragon® Medical v10, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition or Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2!

As a user of one of these products, we would like to extend a special loyalty discount on the Dragon® Medical One cloud-based solution. For the first 12 months, you will receive a discounted price of $79 per month. After that period, your price will be adjusted to the standard rate of $123 per month.

To secure this special price, you will need to enter the serial number of your existing version of Dragon® Medical in the box below. Please note that only 1 discounted offer can be used per serial number.

*Offer Valid only for users of previous versions of Dragon® Medical software. You must validate your purchase by entering your serial # in the box below. Only one discounted offer can be used per serial #. If you do not know your serial #, please watch the short video on this page explaining how to easily find it.


Dragon® Medical One is a revolutionary cloud-based speech-recognition solution for your medical practice. Dragon® Medical One gives clinicians the freedom to dictate patient documentation, including patient histories, treatment plans, notes, billing information, and more, from anywhere, not just from your computer or dedicated workstation. Navigate with ease through cumbersome EHR templates, dictate emails and other documents, and free yourself from the computer and even from the office with Dragon® Medical One. Whether you’re with a patient or heading home for the day, Dragon® Medical One allows you to instantaneously create secure digital documentation. Dragon® Medical One is so easy and convenient to use, medical practices have been able to meet and even exceed EHR adoption goals. Since Dragon® Medical One is cloud-based, it means your data and patient documentation is safely and securely stored outside the office. With no per device limits, and cloud storage, everyone using the solution can speak freely and have their digital documentation stored for as long as necessary.

  • 32 & 64-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (or higher) is required
  • Processor Speed: Minimum 1.7Ghz | Recommended 2.8Ghz
  • RAM: Minimum 512MB | Recommended: 2GB
  • Internet Connection: 48 Kbps and higher
  • Microphones: Any microphone that can recorder audio data in 16kHz, 16-bit mono.
  • PowerMic Mobile is available for use with this solution